A writer’s worst enemy. They are everywhere, and hide themselves well. This blog, is in fact, a distraction from what I was working on – my fiction.

How do we, as writers, overcome distractions?

Last week, on Les Brown’s radio show, he had a guest who gave the advice to use a timer to deflect distractions. You set the timer to go off each hour, and when the timer goes off, you are supposed to evaluate what you are doing at that time, and if it is what you should be doing. This is supposed to help you become aware of your distractions.

I can see how this would help, but maybe it would be better to set it at twenty minute intervals.

My distractions include checking WordPress for comments, Facebook for updates, and Twitter for tweets. And if somebody posts an interesting link, there goes another 10 minutes down the drain.

What are your biggest distractions, and do you have any tips to share on staying focused? Leave a comment below.

Now, if this blog distracted you from what you should be doing, get back to work!